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The first question that comes up in a typical criminal defense case is "how can you help me?"

It's our job to help you assess your rights by creating a legal support system that involves the entire team. You won't need to 'pick' from our deep roster of attorneys - all five will be in your corner, with each of them bringing a unique edge to the fight.


We represent you no matter what happens. We're 100% retained while also offering a flat fee option for representation. We're obsessive in our search for justice and we prove it by offering direct line access throughout the process. The doors in our office are always open. As a team of native Iowans, we care about you and this community. 

In cases of arrest for or accusations of DUI/OWI, marijuana possession, theft, burglary, fraud, forgery, assault, civil disputes or traffic violations we can represent you immediately. It's very important to acknowledge that you should act quickly. Don't hesitate to contact our team. 

"If you choose the Viner Law Firm, you're not with me - you're with US" 

 - Thomas J. Viner


Facing any legal situation can be a daunting experience but Tom and his team made sure to walk me through what we were dealing with and what we were doing about it, thoroughly. It was also very easy and painless getting in contact and game planning with them throughout the entire process. I definitely would recommend the Viner Lam Firm to any and all friends and family.

 - Justice G.


We were in need of an attorney quickly one weekend and contacted Tom Viner and he was immediately engaged and helped us through a tough day. We hired him on the spot and never once did he ever not follow through and give us the best advice. We spent approximately two years going through a jury trial and he was the most compassionate, eloquent and intelligent attorney we could have asked for. He knows where to be and what to do at the right time. I can't say enough kind words to describe him and would recommend him to anyone going through a difficult situation. He knows how to get the job done!

 - Deb W.


What is a flat fee and how is it different than other types of lawyer fees?

Flat fee is a set amount instead of an unknown ongoing fee.  We offer flat fees in our criminal cases.


How long does a case take?

It depends on the type of case and the facts.  In a criminal case, it is easier to predict.  In a Family Law case there is a great variance in time from case to case, and any case can end on any day.  Agreements are the quickest way to finality.


Do criminal cases always go to trial?



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