Charges stemming from assault allegations could range from the level of a simple misdemeanor or as great as a felony. The alleged assault of a police officer or the use of a weapon are two situations that can add substantial penalties and complication to your case. Hiring the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you appropriately respond to these complexities to ensure a fair and timely legal process.


Assault involving intimate partners (even if recently separated), parents, children or other relatives can qualify as domestic assault. Charges that are of this nature can carry mandatory minimum penalties in addition to domestic abuse programs and no-contact orders. 

Unfortunately, instances of domestic violence are all too common. In these cases, one or both spouses or intimate partners have engaged in abusive behavior toward each other, often leaving a visible injury. In other cases, children or the elderly have been exposed to physical harm or neglect. While most of these charges qualify as misdemeanors, prosecutors sometimes press felony charges given the severity of the crime, the age or physical condition of the victim, and other factors.

Whatever the case may be, these sensitive matters require aggressive representation. Viner Law P.C. is here to consult with you about your domestic violence case. Our law firm specializes in domestic violence law in Cedar Rapids, IA. For compassionate legal counsel, schedule a consultation at our office.


Charges of theft or criminal mischief, such as vandalism, carry the weight of the stolen or defaced property in question. The determined value of the property in question can greatly influence the severity of the charges.


Theft is a broad category of legal offenses that can range from shoplifting or petty theft to grand larceny or armed robbery. In many states, theft is a felony, and even if a crime is considered a misdemeanor, defending yourself against charges means seeking legal representation at the critical juncture—the beginning. Don’t hesitate to begin mounting your defense—call Viner Law P.C. in Cedar Rapids, IA right away. 



A police officer stopped me and asked questions but did not read me my Miranda rights - is this legal?

Yes, unless you are in custody and being interrogated. In custody means you've been arrested and cannot leave. Interrogation = police asking questions.

What should I expect from a Criminal Defense attorney?

Advocacy and strong representation - part gladiator, part guide, part battle general. The key to good defense is a patient approach to assessing evidence, the law, and options.