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Child Custody and Visitation

Child Support

Alimony (Spousal Support)


Distribution of Assets and Debt

When you find yourself needing the services of a family law attorney in Cedar Rapids, the first step in making the right choice is acknowledging that you need a professional that is going to help you prepare your case step by step.


Hiring an attorney that will represent your individual needs many times requires the support of a team possessing a wide range range of unique talents and skills. Each lawyer on our staff strives to be who they would want representing them in the same situation. Cases involving divorce, child custody, child support or alimony should be approached as a game of chess, not checkers. You need the strength and assertion to fight for yourself but also the finesse required to represent children, the silent voices in the arrangement, as well. 

"If you choose the Viner Law Firm, you're not with me - you're with US" 

 - Thomas J. Viner


When I came to Tom with a rare custody situation I was scared and anxious and felt alone I just had no idea what to do. When I met with Tom he was so welcoming and down to earth and by the end of the consultation (which was free) I knew he was the lawyer for me. Tom is kind and caring and compassionate but in court he was so focused and fought for my daughter like a father would. After 4 months of fighting for us he WON our custody case! He never lied to me or gave me false hope he told me everything from day one and I will always be forever grateful for his and his paralegals work on our case. There were a lot of scary moments for me during the custody battle but when I would send an upset, confused and anxious mom email Tom would respond instantly and be there for me as a friend would. Tom is my lawyer and I am confident in his ability to do what he has to do for his clients. Obviously, I highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for a lawyer. You are not alone in this, Tom will be there for you every step of the way!

 - Mariah O.


Tom and his associates are very helpful and encouraging in divorce and custody battle. As these are stressful times they have really helped me feel better. Upon hiring Tom and his firm I felt immediately at ease and they got to work. They are in constant contact through the process. And so far I am very happy with the outcome. Highly recommend this firm.

 - Jerome W.


How much does a divorce cost?

That is very hard to determine without knowing the amount of time a case takes – which illustrates the problem with the question.  We cannot know the cost until the case is concluded.  That being said, your attorney at Viner Law Firm will be able to offer ideas about projected or even likely costs based on the facts, contested issues, and goals in the case. 

How long does a case take?

It depends on the type of case and the facts.  In a criminal case it is easier to predict.  In a Family Law case there is a great variance in time from case to case, and any case can end on any day.  Agreements are the quickest way to finality.

What if my ex and I agree on the terms of our divorce before we file?

We can work diligently to chart a path towards a written agreement


If we do that can we avoid court?

Very possibly, yes. 


Will we have to do mediation?

Perhaps, but it is possible to have the Court waive mediation if all issues have been agreed upon.

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