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When children are involved in a divorce or dissolution of marriage, it's even more important to involve an experienced attorney. Terms will first look to be settled through mediation and negotiation but can be brought to trial if not met. Your lawyer will look to establish terms that are in your, and your children's, best interests. If a case goes to trial, your divorce attorney's representation will add strength to your position and a voice for your terms. 

Get help from our child support attorneys to establish the system of financial support necessary to pay for your children’s well-being. Giving children the living standards they deserve on a single income can be difficult for many. Call us today to learn about the factors involved in determining custody, such as:

  • Combined Income When Married

  • Ex-Spouse's Current Income

  • Your Current Income

  • The Number of Children Involved

Every child deserves to have the quality of life they were used to before a divorce. Help make this time easier on them while securing them a brighter future with our help.

Child Custody FAQ


How do courts determine who gets custody of children in a divorce?

The court uses a combination of statutory legal guidelines and guidelines from our Iowa case law (previous cases published by the Supreme Court of Iowa or Iowa Ct. Appeals under 598).
a. Legal Custody
b. Physical Custody


History of Domestic Violence is an impartial factor, as are fitness of each parent, how the child(ren) has/have been raised in terms of time with each parent, and other factors.

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