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Estate Planning Now Takes the Stress off Loved Ones Later

You’ve been putting off estate planning for too long, so it’s time to make it a priority. The estate planning attorneys at Viner Law Firm PC can help you to be prepared for the unexpected, so your family does not have to make difficult decisions at an already difficult time.

Many people think that wills and trusts are for rich people, the elderly, or people who have a lot of assets, but everybody should have a will. Estate planning services are beneficial for people of all walks of life – people with the responsibility of children, a spouse, and even people who have debt.

Making the Right Decisions About Your Assets and Dependents

When you are having your will written, there are many things to think about, including who you trust with finances, and who you would want to raise your children. If you have assets and children, it is best to have a different person handling the trust, than taking custody of the children.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Guardian for your children:

Things to Consider In Granting Control of Your Assets:

When to Grant Access for Minors to their Inheritance:

If you make sure decisions are made and written in legal documents, like wills and trusts, and that guardianship of minor children is already decided, difficult times will be a little easier for all of those left behind.

The lawyers at Viner Law Firm PC will always advise you on the best way to set up wills and trusts, and how to make difficult decisions so your loved ones will not be faced with them. Call today at 319-531-1333 and we will get your legal papers started.

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