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A DUI / OWI Attorney who will Defend Your Rights

You got drunk or were on drugs and you got caught operating a vehicle? Maybe you even caused an accident or worse? Now you need an OWI / DUI attorney who will stand by your side and walk through the legal process with you. Viner Law Firm PC provides legal services when you need an attorney to provide legal advice and ensure you get a fair trial.

Facing DUI / OWI charges can often be the result of one mistake, or of a lifetime of drug or alcohol abuse that you need help for, and either way, you deserve another chance for a better life.

Did You Consent to a BAC Test?

According to Iowa law, a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.8g/210L or higher is illegal. If a patrol officer thinks that your driving was impaired at the time of the traffic stop, that your ability to make decisions is impaired, or that you are overly excited during the stop, they can ask that you do the field sobriety test. After that, they may have asked you to submit to a breathalyzer test, or a blood or urine test.
Refusal to comply with an officer’s request, (exercising your right to refusal) may negatively impact your trial, and can result in the removal of your driving privileges until you complete substance abuse counseling, attend a driving class, or pay the fines and for charges incurred.

The Court Process for DUI / OWI Charges

The lawyers at Viner Law Firm PC will always advise on the best interest of you, our client, so the trial is as fair and quick as possible. Call today at 319-531-1333, and our attorneys will help you with court appearances for DUI / OWI Charges.

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