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Have you found yourself in trouble with the law? Whether you are fighting a traffic violation ticket, a DUI or even a more serious crime, Viner Law Firm PC is here to help you through the legal process. Our criminal lawyer will walk with you through the steps of preparing you for trial and for what a jury of your peers may expect of you.

You are innocent until proven guilty, so until a court of law and a group of jurors say you have done it and evidence was collected in a legal and lawful manner, we will defend your right to be free and treated as an innocent person.

Be Informed – You Deserve It

The legal system has a lot of rules and loopholes, and you owe it to yourself to have a lawyer who knows the rules and will look for any unfairness in your experience since your arrest. Our criminal lawyers will help you learn the ins and outs of the legal system, and we will be honest with you if it is best to fight for your freedom or take a plea deal.

A Wide Range of Outcomes

Your future depends on the crime you are accused of, the evidence against you and in many cases, how you portray yourself in court. You may just owe fines or retribution, you may be forced to attend a rehab program, you may end up spending time in jail, or you may walk out of court a free person. A good lawyer will help you get the outcome that is fair and that you can grow from because they are there to help. We will work hard to prove your innocence if you are a victim of false accusations.

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